10 DECOART was established in 2006. 

A hand crafted, luxury accessories brand renowned for opulent statement pieces, 10 DECOART’s iconic, distinctly avant-garde style blends classically flamboyant ideals with cutting-edge fashion for a truly unique & extravagant aesthetic.

A marriage of classical and contemporary, with a twist of extravagance and a dash of romance makes 10 DECOART a brand with unmistakable personality and allure. These are pieces you will want to collect.

Anna, the creative force behind the brand, a painter turned into accessories designer, delivers a timeless pieces enduring the test of time long after seasonal whims have diminished. Every collection adds to an established repertoire of timeless, eternally coveted pieces celebrating traditions, combining the contemporary and classic, and always remaining true to a strong vision. 

The brand famously fuses details from by-gone eras against contemporary influences and sources; pushing conventional boundaries and testing the limits of modern accessories design.

Each piece in their luxury collections are handcrafted in the designer’s studio in Poland using traditional methods of productions and high quality materials.