Charlotte Lebeck is a Danish jewellery designer who established her own company in 2012. She worked as a creative fashion coordinator in London for three years, where she was inspired to go on to start her own collections.

Charlotte grew up on the west coast of Denmark. It’s very clear this has impacted her designs which are heavily inspired by Nordic nature. She likes to design jewellery which is equally sculptural, as well as graphical, portraying the balance between her life in London and her life by the lake. All pieces are handcrafted, exploring delicate and simplistic designs in a truly unique fashion through the use of rare metals and gemstones.

The Danish designer wants every piece of her jewellery to be able to relate to its wearer and to reflect the individuals' personality. It is extremely important to their ethos that they can use the jewellery as a way to express themselves and their emotions.
October 05, 2020 by Creative Web Co Collaborator