When creating our newest collection „Un dolce momento” (a sweet moment) we imagined ourselves to be in a place full of sun, where the time goes by slowly and the „sweet doing nothing” is a luxury that we can afford. Morning coffee in a local pasticceria, long walks with the sound of waves in the background and the joyful noise of a small town. Those are our sweet moments- summer memories of a place that we are longing to be in right now. The Italian region Puglia was the source of inspiration for the collection. Wwanted to have that little bit of sunshine and sweet memories in it. The turquoise shade of the Amazonite is reminiscent of the clear sea water. The sweet pink opal is like a ripe, sun-kissed fruit and the irregular pearls are symbolising treasures found in the sand. In the shapes we can see waves and underwater creatures. With Puglia being our inspiration- we had to include its beautiful symbol- Pumo di Fiore (Flower bud). It is like a talisman in this region of Italy. It protects the house from bad energy and provides the family with abundance and prosperity. It is also thought to be a symbol of the goddess of fruitfulness and fertility-Pomona. We wanted to bring back some sweet memories with the „Un dolce momento” collection and transfer you to a happy place within your imagination, even just for a moment
October 03, 2020 by JA PR