Discover the fashion jewelry brand coveted by celebrities, stylists and fashion lovers alike. Once labelled, ‘The Queen of The Hoop’, Jenny Bird is Canada’s leading fashion jewelry designer. Her contemporary pieces marry creativity with a bold, fearless spirit, catching the eye of many influential people around the world. Striking yet wearable, her designs are made to be worn for years to come. Jenny is a self-taught designer who is passionate about growing a female-led business, which has seen explosive growth since the brand’s inception in 2008. Though her hoops are unforgettable, she’s also gained notoriety with her custom chains, innovative earring silhouettes and anklets. Jenny’s talent lies in her intuitive sense of trends and eye for beauty. In 2017, she was named Canada’s Accessory Designer of the Year. Bird leads the company as CEO and Creative Director from the JENNY BIRD office in Toronto, Canada.

JENNY BIRD is available in over 500 fashion boutiques and leading department stores worldwide and at JENNY BIRD has over 100K followers on Instagram and continues to cultivate a strong, highly-engaged online community.