The newest collection draws inspiration from life’s work of late Artist Claude Lalanne, French sculptor and designer most widely known for her work often manifested itself in the form of decorative flora and fauna, drawing from Surrealism and Art Nouveau in her furniture pieces.


The artist also created jewelry which were often molded from twisted natural flowers, leaves, and branches made in copper and gilt bronze. Her unique style of decorative design and fine art resonated with the fashion world with many of her pieces collected by leading fashion designers.


Her whimsical and surreal sculptures, inspired ParelParel to make tribute to artists mastering electroplating, a process that allowed the couple to turn organic material into copper by running a current through a bath of copper sulphate containing the organic material.


The new range of the brand’s signature symbolic pendants and earrings made by hand with the use of rare method of lost cast waxing recalls to the power of nature.


ParelParel creations traditionally constitute a mix of precious natural high-quality materials with unique and artful craftsmanship and a deep symbolic meaning underlying each collection.
October 03, 2020 by JA PR