PURE is a Ukrainian brand of fine jewelry designed and consciously crafted in Kyiv to help you form your own minimalistic jewelry wardrobe for everyday life — from having a nice time at home to going out to party.

‘The jewelry to live in’ — that’s what we call it. Simple yet elegant, PURE focuses on fitting all its timeless pieces together, as well as on durability in both material and style. We invite our customers to collect their perfect jewelry capsule and play with combinations according to the mood and occasion. And when it’s high time to freshen it up — we provide a wide range of new designs and ensure that each newly bought ring or ear cuff will easily match with any other piece from our collection.

Brand was established in 2015 by two friends of different generations — Olia has brought her modern approach to design and values while Natalie ensured a 20 year’s experience of fine jewelry manufacturing.