Saskia Diez is an independent jewellery company launched in 2007, lingering somewhere between fine and fashion jewellery, based in Munich, Germany. Saskia Diez was trained as a goldsmith and in industrial design. Her eponymous jewellery line reflects this background, showring an eye for shaping unique materials in refreshingly modern ways. The brand is known for sophisticated and distinct creations. All of the designs display great elegance and gentle subtlety, yet at the same time are playful and sexy. Every collection is a new interpretation of classic jewellery design, giving each pieces a contemporary look as well as a timeless aesthetic.

Saskia Diez' jewellery is designed for modern women and men who seek to adorn themselves with jewellery which will emphasise their personalities. Like a person's character, her jewellery unfolds before the eyes of the beholder, showing different facets and aspects every time you look at them.

Saskia Diez completes a classic apprenticeship as a goldsmith and went on to study industrial design. She worked at various design studios, including Rosenthal, Christian Haas and Konstantin Grcic, before setting up her own studio in Munish. Her designs play with cultural references and display influences of art, fashion and industrial design, reflecting the zeitgeist without being trend driven. Her works are displayed in group exhibitions in Germany, France and Japan. Saskia Diez lives and works in Munich.