Based in Los Angeles, California, Oksana Bevz is a self - taught jewelry designer originally from Donetsk, Ukraine. with a strong background in interior design, she draws inspiration from everyday furniture, architecture, and objects to create unique, designs.

One of Oksana’s strengths is her imaginative use of materials, creating bold and distinctive pieces that are skilfully handcrafted. her designs are not intended to be viewed as "precious", but rather seen as unique yet wearable objects .

To produce each piece, she utilizes the ancient lost wax technique. the process begins by the carving a design out of wax, which is then cast in a chosen metal by local factories. The piece is then meticulously hand-shaped and polished to achieve a high level of quality and detail. Oksana embraces the natural tendency of silver to tarnish, seeing this as an opportunity for these pieces to continue to look beautiful with age and wear.

She produces each piece in limited quantities, utilizing recycled silver to minimize the environmental impact of her designs.